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Radiation Pattern Measurements in an RF Anechoic Chamber

Very few are lucky enough to use such a piece of equipment... so I figured I'd share this experience with you!

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Project In A Day: When Is My Next Bus?

Made using only components from my stock !


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Making the Electronics for a 24GHz Doppler Motion Sensor

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how tiny that sensor is !


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A Mass Programming Bench for ATMega32u4 MCUs

Or how to try to spend as little time as possible programming several thousands MCUs....


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A Small Collection of NodeMCU Lua Scripts

I usually never use libraries... but made an exception for these quick projects !


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High Voltage Power Supply for Nixie Tubes

It's always fun playing with dangerous voltages !


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An Open CVMeter

Did you know that most ceramic capacitors lose up to 80% of their capacitance near their voltage ratings?


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A Connected Lamp to Wake Me Up

I've always wanted to play with these 10W RGB LEDs!


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A Timeless Fountain

This is one of these "just because" projects...

Timeless Fountain

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A Personal Perspective on Managing an Open HW Project - Part 2

$120k and a year after my previous article, you might be interested to know what happened behind the scenes...

Mooltipass with holder

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Trying to Make a Tiny NFC Reader with a TRF7970A

Want a free board? Read below!

NFC board

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First Steps with the ESP8266-03 Development Board

A fun afternoon project with two platforms...

fun with the esp8266s

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A Development Board for the ESP8266-03

A Wifi platform for $3... who wouldn't want to play with it?


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Using a Standard Coil for NFC Tag Implant Reading

Who knew it'd be possible to use this coil to read NFC tags?

NFC reader PCB

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Video Series - Touring Electronics Markets in Shenzhen

What's the point in going to Shenzhen if it's not to visit the electronics markets?

Electronics market

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Video Series - Touring Factories in Shenzhen

During the month of July I was visiting Beijing and had an extra 10 days to spare. What to do? Well it took me less than a few minutes to decide to go the wonderful city that is Shenzhen...

Shenzhen Assembly Line

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My Business Card v2

At the end of this month, I'll be leaving my current job. I therefore thought it'd be a nice occasion to build a new business card for my future interviews:

Business card v2

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Easy-phi Project: High Speed Logic Gate

Next in our Easy-Phi articles series is the High Speed Logic Gate board:

Logic gate board

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A Personal Perspective on Managing an Open Hardware Project

I'm sure you must have noticed by now that during these last months I didn't put many projects on this blog. This is mainly because I'm currently working on the Mooltipass project, an offline password keeper idea I launched last december.
I've written articles on Hackaday about the technical aspects of this project, but none about my personal experience managing a team of contributors from all over the globe. I feel it's something that only has its place on my blog, so here we go...

Mooltipass prototype

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The Updated Bill of Materials and Stock Management Tool

Stock management and Bill of Materials generation are usually neglected when it comes to making projects, so I updated a tool I made a while back...

BoM generator

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