22Sep 2011

Having fun with a Teensy and an Acer Aspire One

Yes, this project was a lot of fun :-D .
As I had to disassemble my Acer Aspire One to replace its hard drive, I decided to do a couple of other modifications....


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06Sep 2011

Limpkin @ Open Hardware Summit

Open Hardware Summit
Yes! For those interested in meeting me (and asking lots of questions I'm sure ;) ), I will be in New York City during the third week of September.
I will be present at the Open Hardware Summit on the 15th of September to present two demos: my RGB LED Matrix and my Bluetooth remote control.
Thus, I've been working during these last days on them... click on "continue reading" to know the latest advancements :) .

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12May 2011

RGB led matrices with animated gifs

Hey guys, I just came back from a trip to China! Not only was it an occasion to visit this vast country but also a good opportunity to go to the numerous electronics markets in the cities of Xi'an and Beijing. Yes, even on holidays I'm still into electronics ;-) .
So here are the few interesting things I brought back, and especially what I did with them...

RGB led matrix

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07Apr 2011

Electronic projects and Matlab

I have to admit, I am usually not the biggest fan of interpreted languages and high level programming. But in this case, they were very convenient.
This is thus a small article about what you can do in 3-4 hours with Matlab and a FTDI USB connectivity to your project. As an example, here is a project where my webcam output (well, kind of) gets displayed on my led matrix:

Led matrix with webcam

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20Mar 2011

A few advices for those who would like to create a product...

It has been quite a while since I wanted to write something about my experience in product creation, especially the "what to do(s)" and "what to avoid(s)" for those who would like to do the same things as me.
I'll thus write here some tips and advices that you need to keep in mind at all times when designing your own product. Please read, these tips might save your life at some critical point during the usually complex design process!

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24Feb 2011

How to [use/solder/waste/be patient with] 576 leds!

Yes, the title says it all... this was a pretty long project!
The project that I am going to detail here started when I bought in Bali (Indonesia) a very nice painting that one of the local artists made. At the time, this Buddha head made me think that I could make nice effects by playing with its lighting...

Frame taken with flash

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11Jan 2011

The Engine Control Unit monitor project

It has been quite a long time since I last posted a project on this blog... for the good reason that I am going to detail here for you guys!
So in this article you will see a quite complex project I have been working on for at least 6 months, which is an Engine Control Unit (ECU) monitor...

The ECU monitor in DIN version

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25Mar 2010

Some pictures of my work...

Hey Guys!

As I am just making some presentation about what I'm currently doing (that I can't tell you everything about it, sorry ;) ), let me show you a picture of a small PCB I made (7 * 9 mm) with a LTC2445 24 bits ADC from Linear Technology on one side and 2 decoupling capacitor + 2.5V 0.25ppm noise, low drift voltage reference on the other! Click on "continue reading" to see the picture...

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17Feb 2010

The FPSLIC matrix project

So... here is the famous project I was telling you about!
I'm pretty excited to explain it to you as I have been working on it for quite some time now (mainly because of license problems regarding the FPSLIC System Designer software): the FPSLIC matrix project.

LED Final Result

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16Feb 2010

Trying to make a nicer blog...

I just noticed that I was starting every entry with a "hey guys", so I'll try to do differently this time ;)
You'll see that I slightly arranged my blog to make it look more attractive & easier to browse through. Your feedback is more than welcome! In a few days I'll be posting here my matrix project, i'm sure you'll be amazed! Stay tuned...

30Dec 2009

RFID communication between 2 boxes

Hey guys!
It has been quite a long time since I updated this blog. Sorry for that, and to make up for it I'll describe here the technical details of a project I made for Logitech. I'm sorry but I won't be able to talk about the final goal of this project as it has to stay confidential. However, you may not need to know everything as the principe of the system is quite simple: do some RFID communication between 2 boxes.

RFID Board

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28Jul 2009

Some news!

Hi everybody!
I'm sure you've been curious to know what I was doing since my last article here....
Well, I've been working on a few projects for Logitech that I can't describe to you as they have to stay confidential...
All I can say is that one was about RFID (Atmel U2270B and U3280M, very great stuff for RFID), and the second I'm working on right now involve the use of the TI OMAP3530 (ARM Cortex A8 + DSP TMS320C64), and a NXP LPC3230 (ARM9 processor that Crossworks supports, thus very easy to program on) with Wifi, camera, IR & VGA screens...
A similar OMAP3530 project can be found here, its development team is very very nice & welcoming, it really worth looking at!
I really hope that I'll be able to publish on this blog my RFID project in the coming months, I'm sure you'd be interested.
Now the good news... In parallel with my actual projects (when I have the time), I'm working on a LED matrix project involving the use of 3 64*32 bicolor leds matrices and an ATMEL FPSLIC (AVR + FPGA); that I'll publish here once it is done!
Stay tuned, it should really be easy to produce, very easy to program and will be connected to a PC ;)

03Jul 2008

The Bluetooth Remote Control

Hello everyone!
This time I'll present you a project that I'm particularly proud of. Well, this is a bluetooth remote control for winamp. But it is not everything that it does, as you will see...

Remote Control

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30Jun 2007

XY Laser Scanner

Hey everyone!
This time I will present a project I made with 2 of my friends during 3 weeks at the end of my third year in my engineering school. I never thought I could work that much on a project: from 8h00 to 24h00 everyday...

The laser working

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08Jan 2007

The RGBW lighted carved plastic glass and its power supply

Being a DJ and loving to play with LEDs, I thought of a small project to realize during my third year in my french engineering school. The idea is pretty simple: light a carved plastic glass with RGBW LEDs located on its side. Let's see how this goes...
Final result

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