06Sep 2011

Limpkin @ Open Hardware Summit

Open Hardware Summit
Yes! For those interested in meeting me (and asking lots of questions I'm sure ;) ), I will be in New York City during the third week of September.
I will be present at the Open Hardware Summit on the 15th of September to present two demos: my RGB LED Matrix and my Bluetooth remote control.
Thus, I've been working during these last days on them... click on "continue reading" to know the latest advancements :) .

First, I had to clean the messy AVR code of my FPSLIC platform that was originally written for my red/green led matrix, as its orientation and frame buffers are not the same as my 64x64 RGB Led matrix.

Then, in addition to the current "raw mode" function where all the frames are sent through USB, I added a "text mode" function where you can directly send the text to be displayed on the matrix through the same link. Just open a serial terminal, type your text and you're good to go!

As you can see, I also asked a friend to make a plate to attach the LED panels and the FPSLIC board so I can easily carry the whole system to the USA. FYI, I'm currently working on a SPARTAN-3 based board that will be used to control these RGB LED matrices, the goal being to send the frames to be displayed directly to this board through a serial bus (haven't made my mind yet... but I'm currently thinking about SPI). Anyway, I will surely keep you updated on the progress ;) .

Bluetooth Remote Control
Lastly, I ported the DLL code of my Bluetooth remote control to Visual Studio 2008, as I didn't get the old DLL to work. The latest code & DLL are now working with the latest version of Winamp. If you are coming to the Open Hardware Summit this year, you'll be able to check it out! In the meantime, I made a video of the 2 projects I will bring to New York :

And as usual, here are all the files you might be interested in:
RGB LED Matrix final files Winamp plugin files

See you soon, and hopefully in NYC :-) !

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