Hey Guys!
This project being not that complex, I will put here more pictures than text. I'm sure you are a bit lazy to read what I write anyways ;-) .

So I have had this notebook for quite a long time now, and as it doesn't cost much I thought that I could do some modifications on it.
First I decided to replace its original (very slow) 8GB SSD with a Compact Flash Card, and then to completely change the color of its casing. So I bought these on ebay:

which are 5x5mm PLCC-6 RGB Leds, and then tried my (awful) talents at spray painting:

and cutting:

the idea being to animate the logo painted on the case. Thus, I designed a very thin Flex PCB:

meant to be put between the notebook screen and the plastic casing. Then I found some (very) small insulated wire:

allowing me to connect the leds to the driving circuit while being able to pass it through the notebook joints:

To drive all the LEDs, I thought that it would be nice to use a teensy as it is small enough to be fitted under the notebook keyboard. So back to work, some soldering:

and hot glue to fix the wires and reset button:

and everything is integrated in the notebook!

To connect the teensy, I removed its USB connector and directly connect the lines to one of my notebook USB connectors:

Tada! Fairly simple, right?
10 minutes of coding and here is a simple test: