Altium vs Cadence: a totally subjective opinion

Let's imagine that, for some reason, you'd like to create a 4+ layer PCB, and that free tools such as eagle or kicad aren't enough for you (let's say for high speed PCB design or complex schematics).
You'd then have to choose between the two (but not only) major softwares available now: Altium Designer or Cadence Orcad Suite.
This is therefore my opinion about them.

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A few advices for those who would like to create a product...

It has been quite a while since I wanted to write something about my experience in product creation, especially the "what to do(s)" and "what to avoid(s)" for those who would like to do the same things as me.
I'll thus write here some tips and advices that you need to keep in mind at all times when designing your own product. Please read, these tips might save your life at some critical point during the usually complex design process!

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Trying to make a nicer blog...

I just noticed that I was starting every entry with a "hey guys", so I'll try to do differently this time ;)
You'll see that I slightly arranged my blog to make it look more attractive & easier to browse through. Your feedback is more than welcome! In a few days I'll be posting here my matrix project, i'm sure you'll be amazed! Stay tuned...