28Jul 2009

Some news!

Hi everybody!
I'm sure you've been curious to know what I was doing since my last article here....
Well, I've been working on a few projects for Logitech that I can't describe to you as they have to stay confidential...
All I can say is that one was about RFID (Atmel U2270B and U3280M, very great stuff for RFID), and the second I'm working on right now involve the use of the TI OMAP3530 (ARM Cortex A8 + DSP TMS320C64), and a NXP LPC3230 (ARM9 processor that Crossworks supports, thus very easy to program on) with Wifi, camera, IR & VGA screens...
A similar OMAP3530 project can be found here, its development team is very very nice & welcoming, it really worth looking at!
I really hope that I'll be able to publish on this blog my RFID project in the coming months, I'm sure you'd be interested.
Now the good news... In parallel with my actual projects (when I have the time), I'm working on a LED matrix project involving the use of 3 64*32 bicolor leds matrices and an ATMEL FPSLIC (AVR + FPGA); that I'll publish here once it is done!
Stay tuned, it should really be easy to produce, very easy to program and will be connected to a PC ;)

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